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Nutrition; Myths, tips and excuses

"I wish I could eat like you... I just don't have time to meal prep!"


We are now into February after what felt like the longest January EVER! You’ve settled back into a routine and the last thing to get back on track is nutrition.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Everyone starts the year with “I’m going to train hard, eat well and make good life choices”.

With New Year’s Day landing on a Wednesday, how many of you said, “I will start on Monday and eat all the remaining Christmas treats over the weekend. New week, new start!”

That’s what we thought!

It’s too easy to set a date and then go all guns blazing, eating strict, training every day:

“No rest day for me… I’m a machine” (we will touch on this soon). How many of you then FALL at the first hurdle?!

Tip - Be realistic: Make better food choices which you can maintain and prepare what food you can. If you struggle midweek, don’t let it go downhill from there. You are human. You will crave things your minds telling you you’re not allowed but your tummy is holding a welcome home banner! This is where you can get creative. Make amazing healthy snacks, try new recipes, getting the whole family involved! Don’t rule out all things delicious. Try some of our recipes; they will blow your mind!



This is one we hear WAY too often.

“I just don’t have the time… I have this, that and the other to do...”

Let’s break it down

24 hours in a day, correct?

8 hrs sleep on a good day

30 minutes getting ready for work (kids for school)

1 hour travel time to work / School run

8 hours at work

1 hour travel time from work / School run

1-2 hours at the gym

Right, we’ve been very generous on time! This adds up to 20.5 hours which leaves 3.5 hours FREE.

Yes. Free! Free to do as you please. Watch TV, MEAL PREP, chores, family time, bed/bath time for the kiddies, this is where YOU decide how to use your time.

So, when you say you don’t have time... Really? Maybe think of something better than that 😊

Tip – Keep a diary

We’ve noticed many of our members mention that they eat sensibly... Good protein intake, carbs after training, plant based, low calorie... yep we’ve heard it all.

Let us stop you there!

Unless you are true to yourself on what you ACTUALLY consume, things will never change. One of the biggest things we forget to note down is portion size. Write it down, start a diary and weigh some of your portions and I bet you will be shocked on how much you consume.

How many of us overeat?

Most of us overeat, FACT!!

Over 72% of the UK public consume more than the recommended calorie daily allowance and then cut back one or two days a week to make up for it.

Overeating soon outweighs the cutting back days, meaning you’ve lost the battle before you’ve even started. Cutting back or starving yourself to counteract the extra calories consumed throughout the week is neither healthy nor shows a good relationship with food. Stick to the guidelines, they are there for a reason. We’re not saying don’t enjoy yourself as life is about balance, just know when to stop and don’t overload your plate.

Myth - Adding that extra workout in for the week as you’ve pigged out over the weekend:

“Burn those extra calories”… this has very little effect.




Have a goal for your own reasons, give yourself a realistic target which you can reach. Start with cutting down on a couple of biscuits per week, take small important steps. We all have different metabolisms, dietary requirements, allergies and lifestyles. Some of us work long hrs, shifts, have families, health issues etc, the list goes on and on. Please remember, unless you’re a professional athlete/ body builder, it’s not a competition! Even the majority of these guys aren’t happy and can’t wait for competition season to be over and eat “Normal people’s food”!

Meal Prep: Did you know that people who prepare meals in advance say they feel happier at work? 78% of people who meal prep lunches for work say they feel it simplifies their lifestyle and has made their diet more nutritious as well as saving money.

How many of us think meal prep foods are boring?

Bulk out your dinner on Sundays by a few extra portions and there you have a few lunches! Easy!

Meal prep isn’t about cooking loads of different meals, its about bulking out what you’re already cooking or preparing. It probably takes an extra 20 minutes max on time for cooking and preparation. We all know you have the time, right?

Now we’ve covered some of the factors which play a part in our nutrition, how many of us thought it was as simple as just picking food, cooking it and consuming it?

If we don’t have a good frame of mind, we find excuses, we’re not realistic and we’re not honest with ourselves. This doesn’t help us make good food choices, therefore our nutrition suffers.

Here are some scary facts which may help improve your mindset and focus:

Did you know in 2019:

  • 10,660 Hospital Admissions were directly attributable to Obesity

  • Obesity had a link to over 711,000 Hospital Admissions

  • 29% of Adults are classed as obese; a further 35.6% considered overweight

  • 20% of 10/11year olds are classed as obese

  • Only 29% of adults and 18% of children eat there 5 a day.


Some take home points.

  • Have a look at your nutrition; Make small, simple changes and adjustments and write it down. Take pictures on your phone of your portions.

  • Write down how much time you spend doing something; we guarantee AT LEAST 1 hour of your time will be wasted on your phone! Check your screen time!

  • Remember life is about balance. Enjoy it, but also be realistic and stop making excuses 😉

Enjoy, and if you need any help, let me know!


The Onyx Team

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