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CrossFit beginner athlete
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new to crossfit?

Personal Trainer with client

World Class Coaching

Whether you're beginning or returning to CrossFit, you'll work with a coach!

We all start somewhere

What is easy in your life was once difficult. CrossFit is exactly the same. 

Zero Intimidation

Your coach will take you through our fundamentals sessions at your pace. 

CrossFit Coach

the fundamentals

Not just exercise

Our fundamental sessions will answer questions you are bound to have!

Join the community

You'll work with a coach in both a 1:1 and group environment

The key exercises

Click here to find out what your fundamental sessions may feature

Female CrossFit athlete

"I’ve loved it all so far!"

 "The sessions were really enjoyable and everything being broken down in to simple movements massively helped me. One of the highlights for me was a push at the end of a session to do some form of workout, these felt well paced and put together."

Simon Barnes

"The members are all so friendly and supportive" 

 "I liked how each session introduced a new movement and focused on this, rather than overloading with loads of information at once. I really liked that there was usually a 10 min WOD at the end of each session to slowly build up my fitness, as I think I would have died going straight into the group sessions!"

Caitlyn Maher

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