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It's basically Christmas!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Dear the people,

Monday 3rd February. That’s right, FEBRUARY!

God January has flown by, tempted to get the Xmas decorations back out. Rest day for Owain. Mostly for the fact that I stayed up to watch the Superbowl till about 3:30am, worth it. Today’s workout had 200 kettlebell swings and loads of rowing! 100m row, 30 KB swings, 200m row, 25 KB swings, 300m row, 20 KB swings, 400m row, 15 KB swings, 500m row, 10 KB swings, then work your way back. 500m, 400m, and so on. All of that with a 25-minute time cap, spicy! What we did is put members on a chosen bit of equipment they didn’t like. Majority of the rowers got dusty tonight, we had all the ski ergs and air bikes occupied. Time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! It was nice to see so many sweat angels in the gym afterwards 😊

Tuesday 4th February.

6:30am, Deadlifts. We worked up to a 3rm in today’s session with some conditioning towards the end. Great to see some high numbers in the morning. Shoutout to Matt B lifting 140kg for 3 with his 1rm being 150kg! Picking up tree’s all day is starting to pay off 😉 12-minute Amrap, 5 Deadlifts at 75% of your 3rm, 18 wall ball shots, 17 bar facing burpees… as many as 17? hmmmmmm. After round one, people had realised that their legs had just blown up and now it was just about keeping going and finding that rhythm. Easier said than done with 17 burpees per round haha! 3, 2, 1, TIIIIIIME, and collapse. Well done everyone this morning.

“Kobe” programming going down after work for me and Richard in memory of the NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi 😊

Wednesday 5th February.

“Kobe”. Midday memorial WOD for Kobe Bryant. The official workout is a 54 minute AMRAP (Kobe’s age 41, plus his daughters, Gigi 13), in pairs, 5 Rope Climbs (Amount of championships won), 8 Bear Complexes (One of the jersey numbers he wore during his career), 18 Burpees (Amount of All-Stars), 24 Wall Balls (Another jersey number he wore during his career) and finally 81 air bike calories (Highest individual points scored in a single game against Toronto 22/01/2006). In our classes we are doing the same movements, whether scaled or not, but as a 30-minute AMRAP. We had the dream team of Joytpal and Loulou at the 12pm class! I think we all had the same love, hate relationship towards this workout. Love, because you have that motivation through it being in memory of someone, and you don’t want to let your partner down. Hate, because it’s a proper lung buster and air bike calories are air bike calories unfortunately. There’s no easy way through them! After 30 minutes they got to 2 rounds completed, 5 ring rows (Scaled rope climbs) and 1 bear complex! Top work from the dream team.

Evening class. R.I.P to a few members. Same workout just now I had 10 instead of 2, absolute carnage haha! But we all got it in the end, well, all minus one, ay Jo 😉 I had also been rather nasty to Claudia as I paired her up with “Mel The Machine” who didn’t give her much rest time (not on purpose; she is called “Mel the Machine” for a reason) on the AB.. Thank you for adding Claudia to the hurling squad Mel 😉. Although I did laugh a little! Ellie was with Kev; she gave me the look of “Why the hell did you put me with Kev” as she was on the AB looking like a tomato and breathing like a donkey! As for Kevin, I don’t think he wants to do the 1000 AB cal challenge anytime soon.

Joking aside, a very good day all round.

Thursday 6th February.

Early morning class which consisted of a lot of active hangs, inverse walks and other gymnastic movements! Followed by a little 6 RFT of 5 Squats, 10 Press Ups, 15 Pull Ups and 20 Box Jumps, with every 3 minutes being 10 AMSU! Everyone on the WOD smashed the 20-minute time cap and we then finished on 30 synchronized AMSU on my call (They asked for it, not me!). The rest of my day was me cleaning around the club, programming sessions with Richard, having my 1-2-1 client at 2pm, to then finish the day with an upper body accessory workout. #pumpsville

Friday 7th February.

I took part in the 6am CF WOD this morning. I was 10 minutes late, so I had to do 10 burpees ☹ Claudia didn’t get the punishment however, damn! 5x3 Back Squats with a 3 second eccentric phase, 2 second pause and then driving up as fast as possible. Sounds easy? Well give it a go and let me know how you do! After squats from hell we did a barbell complex of, 7 deadlifts, 7 shoulder press, 7 push press, 7 back squats and finally 7 behind the neck thrusters at 40kg…. sigh! That 40kg got heavy quuuiiickly. 4 sets. My god, the shoulder pump was unbelievable! Forget shoulder day, just do that complex. You. Are. Welcome.

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