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Dear Onyx Diary: Friday Night Lights!

Dear My Onyx Diary,

Monday 27th January.

6am CrossFit session. I took part in this, not coaching. In the session we worked up to a heavy 3 rep max on Front Squats, oh wait it gets better, with a 5 second eccentric phase… yes 5 seconds… 1…2…3…4…5 (I hope you counted them in actual seconds haha!) I was partnered up with Terry, no handshakes were exchanged (Another story). I worked up to a 90kg 3 rep max, and terry got up to a 70kg 3 rep max. After this we then went into a barbell complex. Get ready for this, Deadlift, Power Clean, Front Squat, Thruster, Back Squat, Back Squat Thruster… that equalled 1 rep, we had to do 7 reps for 1 set. We did a total of 4 sets. Oh yeah, and we weren’t allowed to let go of the bar. Fair to say my forearms now look like quads (Its achievable as my quads aren’t that big 😉). I think everyone would agree when I say that barbell complex got spicy and got spicy very quick! Big well done to everyone that knuckled down and got it done. As for everyone else that didn’t turn up and do this, you’re the lucky ones!

Tuesday 28th January.

6am start but this time I was coaching. Pull up development to start with, looking at progressing members pull ups from say box pull ups to a single leg pull, or eccentric pull ups. A 500m row followed by 3 rounds of Cindy in a 20-minute AMRAP. A proper arm pump by the looks of things. Good Morning Cindy!!! At the end of my shift I had my first PT client 😊 A very successful hour, new exercises learnt and a bit of a sweat at the end for him. After this I decided to do “Good afternoon Cindy”, 20 mins of constant work, legs and arm all fired up! I got 3 rounds and a 500m row completed.

Wednesday 29th January.

11am start. I walk over to the bored, look at today’s WOD and think to myself, what the f*** is this?!? I hadn’t a clue on what it was haha! So, I then walked upstairs to find out that I’m taking the 12pm class… time to wing it. Nooooooo. Me and Richard went through it beforehand and it soon made sense, to me at least! So, the usual Middayers, Joytpal and Natasha were in, and looking at the board in confusion just like I was 30 minutes beforehand! But we got it very quickly, a little Db complex leading into our main work which was 5x3 minute AMRAP of 6 Alt Cleans and Thrusters, 9 Burpee jump overs and 12 alt Db Split Snatches, every 3 mins you had a 90 second rest where 1 person would have to complete 3 air bike calories quickly. Then rinse and repeat. Are you reading this all confused? Perfect, it worked 😊 After a few looks of despise, we finally got to the end, all 5 rounds done! Well done to the Midday Club. The 7pm class had the same workout, this time I had 11 people. After we had finished the initial complex people seemed to think that was it, but oh no, we had more! After explaining the workout about 22 times we finally got started. After round 1 people were blowing, they had gone out like mad and attacked the workout. However, the workout attacked back, 4 rounds later with everyone laying down on the floor = done 😊 The highlight of the workout had to be when I told Hannah to have intent when driving up in her thruster, to then see her drive that much that the dumbbell came out of her hand! Don’t worry she caught it 😉

Thursday 30th January.

It was my day off, but I thought I’d get up and start the day off right with a 6:30am workout down at Onyx! “Chopper 2056” Hero WOD. 30-minute time cap, 20 Cal Row, 56 KB Swings, 20 Cal Row, 56 Wallballs, 20 Cal Row, 56 Pull Ups, 20 Cal Row, 56 Hanging Leg Raises, every minute you have to complete 5 burpees. Yes. I said every minute. Oh, and I used the air bike instead of the rower. I highly recommend this workout; get a group of you together and just keep moving through it whilst motivating one another. It was a great buzz from the morning crew, and we all smashed the time cap!


A great turn out from everyone! We had 24/24 on for this 😊 Event 1 we had a relay race which consisted of 10 reps: Amsu, KB A-Swings, AB and HRPU (Remember that one😉). After each round, our times were recorded and we rotated our stations, then went again, completing a total of 4 rounds! Event 2 was individual efforts of 250m/200m row, 6 burpees over the rower and 6 push press each arm, 1 round! It got very competitive in this one as people were head to head, and I think some of the guys made the mistake of starting the burpees on the wrong side so you would finish on the opposite side to which your dumbbell was on. I was included in this haha!

Event 3 was an 8x100m relay running race. Very competitive again in this. We had couples racing each other and coaches too! It got to the final leg, Kirsty's team were in the lead with Seb on the last leg. Richard's team in 2nd with himself on the last leg, then my team in 3rd with me on the final leg. I felt like Usain Bolt, a slow start and people in front, and then I get to max speed and slowly caught up haha! I got past Richard with about 30m to go (reality was more like 10m) and was hunting down Seb, but was too late ☹ Seb finishing 1st, me 2nd and old man Richard 3rd! All a good laugh, and everyone shared a beer afterwards!

Overall, both mine and Kirsty's team drew! 350 points each over the three events (fix).

The End!

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