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Dear Onyx Diary; CrossFit Total!

Dear My Onyx Diary,

Unfortunately, due to Richard's ever dated laptop, everything I had written has now disappeared ☹ So, we will start from Friday.

Friday 17th January.


In the evening we held an event where you could come and do your 1 rep max on Back Squat, Strict Over Head Press and Deadlift! The atmosphere was bouncing, people encouraging one another and helping with techniques throughout. A big shout out to Jess.G getting a new PB in all 3 lifts, and to everyone else who got new PB’s!

On the night I got a 140kg Back Squat (Hanging I know), a 75kg OHP and a 200kg Deadlift, in which I thought I could maybe get a little more on.

But that can wait for next time 😉 All in all a great night here at Onyx and we thank everyone who came and gave it their all!

Even Rolo was so exhausted from all the shenanigans!

Saturday 18th January.

The governor (Claudia) and I came in to do a partner MetCon. 30 minutes to complete a tonne of rowing and dumbbell movements including snatches, thrusters and over head lunges. Me and Claudia were paired up, goals I know. We started off quick and found that after 20 minutes we started to slow the pace haha! But we kept going, knuckled down and completed the hell in which Richard calls a “workout” in 28 minutes and 28 seconds. This was a fantastic start to the weekend! I highly recommend that you do some of your weekly training early on weekends. It just gets the start to the day right without having to worry about rushing to work 😊

Apologies that there isn't much content. I had my usual weekly diary at the ready, but Richard's laptop won’t let me have it (nothing wrong with the author of course!)... so you’re stuck with this! Now do me a favour; stop reading this and go enjoy your morning/day/evening 😊

Thanks for reading!

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