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Dear Onyx Diary v3

My role as Santa, part 2!

Dear My Onyx Diary,

Monday 9th December.

So, my day here at Onyx started at 2:30pm! Late I know. However, the reason for this was because on the Sunday just gone, I had to travel all the way to Manchester (A good three and a bit hours away) to sit my CrossFit exam (1 hour long) and then drive back… another… three… bloody… hours. But I had some great company from my mate! I think myself and Joe would agree that after blaring out some old school Bass Hunter and Enrique Iglesias, my solo singing career isn’t too far away. After singing my lungs out, I get home to notice that Christmas has come early as Richard texts me saying to start at 2:30 tomorrow, lovely. So, here we are, now I’m typing out this wonderful blog not knowing what to do with myself as I haven’t got any classes for tonight, so I think on that note we’ll jump ahead too….

Tuesday 10th December.

A great start to the day with a 9:30am MetCon. I had a couple of engines on the class, so I thought id give them more calories on the ski and assault bikes. Why not, it should hurt them 😊 Nick said just before we started “Nah this is what I’m here for, love me some engine work”. He soon regretted that statement. In total the engines completed 80 calories on both the ski erg and air bike, 50 ab mat sit ups, 40 goblet squats at 20kg, 30 box jumps at 24 inches, 20 press ups and 10 burpees. After this they both collapsed and in an absolute state. I, Owain Collard, had broken down the engines, made them go from being like robots, to humans. Mission accomplished (No robots were physically harmed during this WOD, just mentally😉)! Anyway…... Moving on, we get to some very weird events that happened just gone midday. We had the electrician come over to fit some things in around the club, when all of a sudden, we realised that some lads had jumped into the back of his van and stolen all of his tools, in broad daylight, at 2pm, in our car park. Terrible thing to happen, so if you’re reading this, we just want to make you aware, and to make sure you lock your cars/vans when in the area. Depressing bit over, lets carry on!

Wednesday 11th December.

Nothing really happened now that I think about it. I didn’t have any classes, just did some cleaning and then shadowed Richard on 2 of his sessions. I’m boring I know! Not hurling on this day 😊

Thursday 12th December.

The day started off with a wonderful 6:30am class I took part in, dressed as Santa! The workout was our 12 Days of Christmas WOD that I had programmed. I think everybody that took part in the workouts throughout the day will agree with me when I say that it got bad! I fell into a dark place. By the time round 6 had come along I think everyone thought it would be done in sub 10 minutes. However this was not the case, 19 minutes was our quickest on the day (Absolute fire engine I’m telling you), then there was me with 26 minutes 36 seconds (I’m more like them wind up cars you had when you was a kid, I go and then stop, then go then stop and so on) but it doesn’t matter as I got all the work done! Enough about me for now, the rest of the squad throughout the day did amazing! The workout was slightly different to the generic CrossFit WODs we’re all used to! We had about 8 pieces of equipment we have to use, and we had to go back and forth from one side of the gym to the other, but everyone enjoyed it and we all had a great laugh doing the WOD. Although on one occasion when I was trying to motivate a member I did get told to f*** off…… but it’s okay, we kick on hahaha!

Friday 13th December.

Spooky date, and even spookier outfits worn to our classes on this day! As it was national Xmas Jumper day, we told all our members to wear something Christmassy for their work out! It didn’t have to be necessarily a jumper, but either an outfit, earrings, t-shirt or even a Santa hat! In the morning WOD we had some great outfits, the best being what looked like and elf holding up Steve throughout his workout, then a rarer outfit I’ve seen from Jo, as she had a Christmas T-shirt with Xmas pudding tassels on them! To our midday WOD we only had 1 out of 4 members turn up in a Xmas Pudding t-shirt and blinging out the earrings to match (Good on you Joytpal)! The rest of you were scrooges, shame on you!

On the Saturday I am in for the ‘partner metcon’ (let’s see if Claudia makes it her from Christmas party on the Friday night), then Sunday I’m doubling up for CrossFit AND Strong Training.


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