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Dear Onyx Diary v2

My role as Santa!

Dear Onyx Diary,

Monday 2nd December.

Luckily, I wasn’t in any fields this week (still bitter about it). Most of the day was spent filming all the 12 days of Christmas workouts. If you haven’t seen them already, be sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook as we’ll be holding an event on the 12th of December! But yeah, doing the videos was so funny. I think a few bloopers might be coming out soon. We have some rare footage of scrooge himself (Richard) laughing on camera! Terrifying I know.

Tuesday 3rd December.

Fran, bloody Fran. So, after my shift finished at 2:30pm I then decided to go for a run around the Huntingdon area. Nothing too crazy just a quick 15 miles, when suddenly I get a text from the misses saying “Come do the CrossFit WOD tonight it’ll be fun” (If you haven’t read last week’s blog you’ll soon realise not much good comes out of her texts). So, I said ‘Actually this could be a laugh’. I soon realised that this was not the case, the inner alpha male came out of me and I said to Richard “Don’t be silly with the dumbbells, give me that barbell and I’ll go RX”. 42.5kg on the bar, 21-15-9 reps on Thrusters and Pull ups. 3,2,1 GO! After a couple of broken sets, I was done. A part of me died inside and couldn’t feel my hands at the end. I completed it in 5 minutes 46 seconds. If you think your hard enough, give it a go and let me know your time AND if you could breathe at the end! A quick tip. Do not underestimate the “Girls WODs”.

Wednesday 4th December.

On this day we saw another victim of the Midday MetCon Hurling club. The workout was 2 x 12-minute AMRAPS (Look it up). First AMRAP was, 10 medicine ball cleans into 10 calories on the assault bike. Fair to say everyone went balls out on the first round. This led to our 3rd hurl of the MetCon Club. 1 full round and 2 cleans later we saw Ella dart across the gym, and into the toilet she went! At least she made it, unlike bloody Tom! I looked around thinking to myself I’ve made this WOD too hard and people are already dropping, so I turn to Ella’s partner and he just says “Nah it ain’t hard mate, she’s just unfit”. Brutal, let’s hope she reads this 😊 So, with that I just crack on and keep the WOD going! The second AMRAP was 10 Dumbbell floor press into 10 calories on the rower. Just as we are about to start Ella comes back in and says she’s happy to continue. I kept an eye on her, but it was fair to say that she must have just been hungover or something as she then smashed WOD 2! Moving into the evening we did the same 2 AMRAPS, this time with more people! Nobody threw up, but I think a lot of the members don’t like me anymore. LOL!

Thursday 5th December.

Not a lot happened for me class wise as my 10am people decided to cancel…. Heartbroken! However, as a lot of you saw on Thursday, me, Richard and Kirsty did a post on the sugar levels and calories that are in hot chocolates in some coffee shops (Worth a look and a read through the article online). It had to be the funniest thing we’ve done here at Onyx so far. It took about 56 attempts as we couldn’t stop laughing at one another, and after we got the final shot done Richard decides to say, “Oh no, we haven’t done it landscape”. LANDSCAPE!!! At this point I looked at Kirsty and could tell she wanted to give him a good hiding. But in the end, we finally got the video done after 75 minutes. Bloopers pending….

Friday 6th December.

11am, Pilates Class. I walk into it, chest out and thinking “This is going to be easy”. Nope, very wrong. Extremely wrong. Let’s just say I shouldn’t have done any core work the day before, a week before even! My core was in bits during the session. I’ve never struggled controlling my breathing before, but I was sounding like Rolf Harris in the Churchill advert throughout the whole session (See attachment at the bottom for what I’m talking about).

Tip of the week: Always shoot landscape.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s blog!


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