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Together. Let's make it happen

Welcome to Personal Training at Onyx


- Provide a CrossFit and health and fitness experience with no egos, no cliques, in a friendly community orientated environment.

- Provide a professional high quality attention to detail service. 

- Ensure your aspirations are met not just temporarily, but for good.

Infinitely scalable

Many think CrossFit is only for elite athletes. Whilst we welcome all abilities, from athletes to complete beginners, our sessions and drills can be scaled for anyone of almost all ages and experience. This is strength and conditioning in groups of like minded people.

Broad. General. Inclusive

Our aim at Onyx Tribe CrossFit is to provide the most broad, general and inclusive health and fitness programme. CrossFit's speciality is not specialising; training for the unknown and unknowable, which is real life!

We are coaches. "Mechanics - consistency - intensity"

Our sessions are not just random exercises thrown together. We are coaches, not exercise instructors. Our attention to detail is our USP. All our programmes for CrossFit are programmed in advance to complement each other. Our focus is technique first, consistently. 

Gone is the monotony of traditional fitness programmes

CrossFit's definition is constantly varied, high intensity functional movement, meaning our sessions will incorporate many different disciplines; strength training and olympic lifting, gymnastics, running/rowing/skipping aka "cardio", to name a few. In a welcoming and motivating environment, boredom is a thing of the past. 

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loz, "Crossfit"

 "Revolved around a class base system, by having access to the fantastic PTs present, my performance levels have gone to new heights. The variation in training, from weightlifting to gymnastics, means you will never get bored!"

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The ultimate playlist

You can find all of our class playlists on our Spotify channel.

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