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Joe Hamblin Personal Trainer

Welcome to Hamblin Fitness Personal Training.

Benefits of Personal Training


  • Teaching you the correct form: A personal trainer will guide you on how to perform exercises correctly and safely. If you're new to the gym or new to lifting weights, getting the technique right is vital.

  • Hold an objective eye: When working out alone, you can't always tell if you need to adjust your posture, position, or range of movement. Personal trainers monitor your form during your training and correct you if necessary.

  • Knowledge and experience: PT's must stay up to date with industry trends and training methods, which will save you time from doing all the research yourself.

  • Push your limits: Personal trainers are passionate and supportive, but they'll also challenge and motivate you to push yourself further.

  • Hold you accountable: Sometimes, the toughest battle is getting to the gym. A personal trainer will hold you accountable; it's not so easy to cancel the gym if you have a personal training session.

  • Design a training programme: Personal trainers will create a tailored training programme to suit your needs, abilities and goals. For example, if your goal is to lose body fat, your programme will include specific fat-loss exercises.Your personal trainer will monitor and adapt your plan based on your progress.

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I was so nervous coming back to the gym, however Joe put my mind at ease. He is incredibly supportive and there is absolutely no pressure on what I could or couldn't do. 

The sessions are excellent I really enjoy the training he puts together.

One thing I was impressed by is the time he takes to explain the exercises to ensure the correct techniques are used. It isn't about how much weight can be lifted, its about how to lift correctly.

Joe is very conscientious, supportive and always a good laugh when training. 

I highly recommend Joe as a PT.

Stephanie - Huntingdon

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About Me

After having spent a few years coaching outdoor sports abroad, I decided to return home and start a different career path but I wasn't sure in what.

I started going to the gym and training myself, I was quite a small lad and like most I wanted to put on a bit of size. 

After seeing the benefit I had seen in myself in many aspects of my life, I decided this was the career for me. I wanted to help others feel fitter, stronger and more confident in themselves. 

Over the last few years, having learnt and tried many different training style and methods. I would say the biggest piece of advice to anyone is

"We all have end goals of what we want to achieve, sometimes we get so focused on the end goal we forget to enjoy the process. Enjoying the process is the most important part of achieving any goal!"

I've helped clients from all walks of life achieve their goals. My main focus is to help people get strong, fit, flexible, and enjoy fitness as much as possible.

I love what I do and I'm constantly furthering my knowledge and striving to be best I can be.

COVID-19 Information

Hamblin Fitness follows all guideline advice from the Government.


Please sanitise your hands when entering the reception at ONYX. I will be waiting for you in reception to accompany you to your designated bay within the gym area. 

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I've been working with Joe for some time now and his professionalism is still 100% throughout our sessions.


His coaching eye is great and he never pushes you beyond your means.


I couldn't ever see myself training with anyone else now. 

Paul - Hartford


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