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CrossFit provides the most broad, general and inclusive health and fitness possible. Through combining measurable high intensity training, strength work and technical skill, CrossFit at Onyx will make you feel, move and look better!  

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Row. Run. Bike. Ski. Skip!

Our high energy, "Met Con" conditioning sessions are accessible to all. Get your heart rate up, slaughter some calories, and have fun!

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Improve your technique. Build strength, speed and power. Covering the Olympic lifts as well as other strength movements, our barbell sessions cater for people of all abilities!

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Onyx Gymnastics Classes

Onyx gymnastics means bodyweight skill and strength. Learn CrossFit gymnastic movements, from Pull Ups to Handstand Push Ups!

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One of our most popular sessions, Onyx Strong uses 'old school' training methods such as sled drags, yoke carries, heavy sandbags to name a few! Strength and conditioning at its finest!

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The last Friday of every month. Our FNL sessions combine teamwork with high intensity, sweaty fun. Not to mention, LOUD music! Follow that with pizza and a beer or three with your friends.. what could be better!

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For the mind and body, our yoga classes combine breath control with powerful movements to exercise your strength, flexibility and focus in equal measure. This ensures you will improve your range of movement, reduce your stress levels and boost your mental wellbeing.