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CrossFit member taking a rest

our programme

Constantly Varied. Never random.

CrossFit athlete performing a clean and jerk

We believe in CrossFit and strength and conditioning. There are no mirrors or machines. We will train you with the full spectrum of the CrossFit method. Metabolic Conditioning (cardio). Gymnastics. Weightlifting. You will exercise as you are designed to exercise. 

Our programming is constantly varied and never random. Planned in advance to compliment your overall development, our programming ensures you a health and fitness that enables you do well at any task or sport life throws your way now, and long into the future.

In a coach led setting, our daily training vibe has camaraderie and competitiveness that fuels you to keep being your best self in a challenging, safe, and frankly just awesome environment!

HYROX athlete on a rowing machine

"one of the most enjoyable parts of my day"

"I have so much more energy; feel much stronger; my running has improved no end and I haven't had a hint of an injury since I started. I really love the camaraderie and how much everyone supports each other, it's just a very positive and friendly place to be."

Martin Green

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