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I'm nearly 12 years old now, but I am more like an 12 month old puppy! You'll often see me either bouncing around reception or in the gym, and I quite like snuggles and attention. I also like to try and rip the micro bands in the gym, much to my bosses annoyance!

If you don't see me, then I'll be asleep in the office, monitoring the CCTV for any intruders (maybe, maybe not).

The one golden rule I have as security for Onyx is, as long as you pay me all of your attention and you don't bring any misery, you're welcome :)


I was taught well my pack leaders Kirsty and Richard

Coaching Qualifications

  • Head Biscuit Finder

  • Certified Sleep Trainer

  • Fully qualified people pleaser

Favourite Hobby!

Definitely eating, then sleeping and walking and exploring the great outdoors.

Athletic Background



Favourite Quote (again too many to list!)

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Orhan Pamuk

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