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Beca Young

CrossFit Coach


I first joined Onyx in 2019 and was a complete beginner to CrossFit. I love the variety it brings, the challenges it brings and the community you become a part of and I haven’t looked back since. It has helped me become the fittest version of me and allowed me to excel and improve in other sports. I have now joined the coaching team and get to see you and everyone else get fit, push outside your comfort zones and most importantly have fun while doing so.

Coaching Qualifications

  • Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Favourite Hobby

I very much love being outside, spending time with my family and indoor cycling but when i do have time to chill you’ll find me glued to the TV watching any reality!! Yes that’s my guilty pleasure.

Athletic Background

I have always been sporty and spent 16 years swimming for my local swimming club which I very much enjoyed. Since giving up competitive swimming I took the plunge and now train multi discipline and have completed a few triathlons. The highlight for me and easily up there with my greatest achievements was completing and Ironman triathlon in Zurich 2019. 


Favourite quote 

Just remember if it was easy then everyone would be here doing it! 

Beca Young
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