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Barbell and weightlifting

Improve technique. Increase strength, speed and power

A key feature of CrossFit is barbells. 

If you think that barbell and weightlifting is not for you, think again!

Barbell exercises have massive benefits for your daily life due to their 'compound' nature i.e. they use multiple joints during each rep. Perform better. Lose weight. Improve joint health. Look leaner. 

Our sessions are programmed in advance, utilising 6-8 week cycles ending with a performance test. CrossFit workouts sometimes feature high volume barbell work, meaning our immediate focus is to ensure sound technique. We also target increased strength as this is imperative to lift with good technique.

Improve your technique. Increase your strength, speed and power.

Our sessions focus on many compound moves, including squats, deadlifts as well as the olympic weightlifting movements; 'Snatch and Clean and Jerk'. We'll also focus on performing barbell lifts under fatigue, to ensure you're prepared for higher volume lifting but with safe form.

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ERMIS, "barbell"

"The programming is well structured covering all modalities from metcons to strength based training in a periodic way... In addition at Onyx you will find a community that is not stupidly competitive but embracing while pushing you forward for better results everyday."

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You can find all of our class playlists on our Spotify channel.

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