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Strength, conditioning and FUN!

'Old school' training methods. Sled drags, yoke carries, heavy sandbags!

Dubbed 'Strong Sunday's', our strong sessions are one of our most popular. You'll lift awkward objects, swing kettlebells, drag heavy sleds, flip large tractor tyres to name a few... all with your friends and fellow athletes. What could be better!

Strong Sunday Funday

You may think lifting heavy objects is boring. Think again. Working in pairs, teams or individually, not only do we lift heavy objects safely, but we also lift, drag or carry them for lengthy periods, meaning you'll crank your heart rate up a notch or two!

Like all our sessions, strong training really is for everyone.

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Terry, "strong"

"What a way to end the week. Without doubt my favourite Onyx session. The simplicity and yet challenge of carrying heavy things for a long time is awesome. Not to mention the yoke carry. Everyone loves a yoke carry! Who can forget the awesome old school tunes too!"

Lady lifting weights


You can find all of our class playlists on our Spotify channel.

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