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Bodyweight skill and strength

There is no greater strength than bodyweight strength and control 

You read "gymnastics" and think vault, pommel horse... Well, CrossFit gymnastics focus on simple but effective bodyweight movements; squats, push ups, pull ups, all movements that will make life incredibly easy, reduce the risk of injury and help lose weight!

Our sessions are programmed in advance typically utilising 4-6 week cycles, focusing on specific skills, improving both your technique and strength required to progress your bodyweight control. With literally hundreds of drills to both progress and regress a movement, gymnastic movements are infinitely scalable meaning EVERYONE can take part.

Gymnastics form an essential part of our CrossFit programming. Exercises such as pull ups and push ups, to more advanced moves such as ring muscle ups and handstands! Try something new today and join one of our gymnastics classes.

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"I love the gymnastics sessions as every drill can be made easier, so you always feel like your progressing! We particularly love the focus on the 'hollow body'... if you think you've felt your 'abs' before, wait until you try this session!"

Box Jumps CrossFit

pull. push. yourself

You can find all of our class playlists on our Spotify channel.

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