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Teamwork. High energy. Loud music. Good times!

The last Friday of every month. Cancel your plans!

Our FNL sessions bring our community together for 1.5 - 2 hours of awesomeness. With usually 2 - 3 mini team workouts, a bit of light hearted competition never hurt anyone! What's more, the sessions are infinitely scalable, meaning you can ALL take part!

The Onyx Tribe

Friday Night Lights is when our tribe come together to help and encourage each other to improve our strength, conditioning and health, whilst having a bloody good time. Safe to say, the environment comes alive. The music is epic, the banter even better. The beers and homemade food after are not so bad either!

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"Brilliant workouts and a super gym. Look forward to every class and seeing a great group of people. So much fun in all the classes and Richard and Kirsty take so much pride and put so much effort into making sure everything is 100% spot on all the time. Cant recommend highly enough"

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You can find all of our class playlists on our Spotify channel.

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