Onyx Tribe CrossFit members


"Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief."


Our mission statement

- To ensure EVERYONE feels welcome.

- Provide a CrossFit and health and fitness experience with no egos, no cliques, in a friendly community orientated environment.

- Provide a professional high quality attention to detail service. 

- Ensure your aspirations are met not just temporarily, but for good.

Our passion

We don't have jobs. We live through our passion. That passion is optimising health in a sustainable and proven way. 

Our method

We realise trying something new is daunting. We've been there! Set your mind at ease; come and meet us first! 

Our tribe

We are all inclusive. Super-humans are welcome. Complete beginners are welcome. The tribe at Onyx will become your new friends. Your family. Your friendly competition! 

Motivation is overrated.

The environment within Onyx ensures you'll never worry about motivation again, both in and out of the gym.